Automat Kalashnikov (Single) Packaging & Credits

Automat Kalashnikov, the brand new single from The Dogmatics upcoming 2022 full length release… only on Rum Bar Records.

“It’s the kind of punk rock tune that will hit you with a jolt of energy and then quickly get stuck in your head. Seriously: what an earworm!” – Lord Rutledge, Faster And Louder

“We assume it’s a new recording, but gee, it does sound like a song out of their first run in the 80’s. It’s just so …well, Dogmatics sounding!! It has Peter O’Halloran’s guttural sneering vocal on it. What have we done to deserve the Dogmatics?!” – Boston Groupie News

“”Automat Kalashnikov” sounds like a lost Dogmatics classic from the heyday! You sure they didn’t record this 35 years ago?” – Lord Rutledge

“It rocks! I agree with the review – sounds 100% vintage Dogs!” – Jay Savage

“When it comes to all the fabled punk rock scenes of “back in the day”, I’d probably take Boston over New York, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, or even L.A. And my favorite Boston band, by far, would have to be the Dogmatics. To me, they’re pretty much the definitive Boston garage/punk band.” – Faster And Louder

The Dogmatics current lineup of Jerry Lehane, Tom Long, Peter O’Halloran, Jimmy O’Halloran, and J. Young, perform live, write and record new material including the highly praised and enthusiastically received “She’s the one” 7inch vinyl & CD EP which came out in 2019 followed by the long awaited career retrospective full length “EST 81” released in 2021 on Rum Bar Records. Looking forward to new music and a brand new release in the new year.


CD Single & Digital Single Released December 10, 2021

“Automat Kalashnikov”
Lyrics and music by Peter O’Halloran
Lead vocals and guitar – Peter O’Halloran
Rhythm guitar – Jerry Lehane
Bass – Jimmy O’Halloran
Drums – Tom Long
Backing vocals – James Young

“You Say”
Lyrics and music by Jerry Lehane
Lead vocals and guitar – Jerry Lehane
Lead guitar – Peter O’Halloran
Bass – Paul O’Halloran
Drums – Tom Long

The Dogmatics 2021
Produced and engineered by Ed Riemer
Mastered by Dave Westner
Original logo & illustrations by Barry Hall
Design & photo by James Young

Automat Kalashnikov CD Cover

Automat Kalashnikov CD back panel

Automat Kalashnikov CDs in a pile