Hygienic Art Park

Saturday July 20, 2024

The Dogmatics, Superbald, 
The Pneumatics, Mitch Kramer

Superbald’s 1st Annual Punk Rock Picnic at Hygienic Art Park outdoor theater – Gates at 6:00 PM

$10 admission. Loud music, hotdogs and cold beverages – what else do you need?

See The Dogmatics play live in 2024!

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The Dogmatics

Oct. 2023 Single

I Can't Get Over You

The Dogmatics - I Can't Get Over You 2023 digital single

"I Can't Get Over You" is nothing more and nothing less than a straight-ahead rock 'n' roll tune in a timeless style. It's got a great hook, and it will get your toes tapping in no time flat... Jerry Lehane sure knows how to write a three-chord rock 'n' roll tune!

Faster and Louder

The years seem to just melt away when you hear the new Dogmatics song “I Can’t Get Over You”. The song is mid-80’s Dogmatics ...It has two of the attributes we love the most with punk songs – it’s catchy and short. At 1:52 you can listen to it over and over – you know we did.

Boston Groupie News

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The Dogmatics: A Dogumentary - A Documentary by Rudy Childs
Film Festival Laurels
The Dogmatics band members then and now

The Dogmatics

2022 EP

Drop That Needle

Drop That Needle EP

Not content to be remembered for their old classics, The Dogmatics are well on their way to authoring a whole slew of new ones. This band honors the past but is not stuck in it.

Faster And Louder

The Dogmatics have been at it making great rock n roll for awhile now. The passion is clearly still there on the latest single “Drop That Needle”

Skybar Rising, WMFO

The recording is sharp, the beat is urgent, the guitar solos are restrained and hit their mark. The Dogmatics have the ability to capture a time gone by with a song that makes your feet move now.

Boston Groupie News

‘Treat’ yourself and blast this new Dogmatics release out of your speakers large and small! ‘Drop That Needle’ repeatedly on this one!

'The Secret Weapon' on Woody Radio

Acid Rain single Faster Louder quote

“This was the track I was most excited to hear, 
and it does not disappoint!

You can feel Paul's spirit in this recording, and his lyrics are truly chilling in the wake of what's been happening to our environment in recent decades.”

– Lord Rutledge, Faster and Louder

Rum Bar Records

Automat Kalashnikov

Limited Edition Translucent Orange Flexi Record

Limited Edition Translucent Orange Flexi 7″ Record featuring the 2022 XM Radio hit “Automat Kalashnikov” along with the classic track “You Say”.

Get it bundled with the Digital 
or CD editions of our “Drop That Needle” EP at Rum Bar Records.

Automat Kalashnikov sounds like a lost Dogmatics classic from the heyday! You sure they didn’t record this 35 years ago?”
– Lord Rutledge, Faster And Louder

Automat Kalashnikov flexi record bundle

She’s the One EP released in 2019 on Rum Bar Records

Boston rockers The Dogmatics are back with new music for the first time in three decades.

Matweeds (1987 recordings)

Hooligans In The Vestibules
Released March 17, 2023
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Jerry Lehane (solo Single)

Drinking Life feat. Dicky Barrett
Released July 30, 2021
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Jerry Lehane (solo EP)

Jerry Lehane
Released July 10, 2020
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EST 81 on Rum Bar Records

Our Back-Catalogue from 1981-86

21 of our classic songs in limited edition Poster + CD and digital download bundles.

Stream Everywhere, or get bundles at Rum Bar Records.

Also available on all popular Music Streaming Services.

EST 81 Limited Poster CD

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