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The Dogmatics: A Dogumentary

They were Boston’s house band

A documentary by Rudy Childs

Band Bio:

Formed in 1981 and still writing and performing new music today, The Dogmatics is a Boston-based band known for their pioneering garage punk/rockabilly sound. They released two albums in the 1980s and toured with renowned acts such as The Bangles, The Fleshtones, The Replacements, and Beastie Boys. Multiple bands, including The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, have covered their songs.

After the tragic loss of bassist Paul O’Halloran in 1986, they disbanded for quite some time. They never lost their friendship or love for playing together and would occasionally regroup for charity events in the following years (with one of the O’Halloran brothers Johnny or Jimmy on bass).

In 2019, they teamed up with Rum Bar Records to record their first new material in over 30 years with the release of their EP “She’s The One.” The new tracks delighted long-time fans and newcomers alike. Despite the disruption of the pandemic, they kept up their momentum and released their latest EP, “Drop That Needle,” in 2022.

Current Member Bios:

Jerry Lehane is a founding member of The Dogmatics, playing guitar and contributing as a singer-songwriter. His lead vocals and catchy song structures are a crucial ingredient to the band’s garage-rock-meets-pop sound.

Peter O’Halloran, also a founding member, plays guitar and contributes as a singer-songwriter, adding his signature growling vocals and a furious punk sound to The Dogmatics.

Tommy Long has been drummer in The Dogmatics since 1982, providing a jazz-inspired genre-bending beat that is the foundation of the band’s unique sound.

Jimmy O’Halloran, who joined The Dogmatics in 1986, plays bass in memory of his late brother Paul. He brings a dynamic, hard rock-influenced sound to the band.

James Young joined The Dogmatics in 2019 as a singer-songwriter and mandolin player (from Peter O’Halloran & The Hired Men, 2008 – present), offering backup vocal harmonies with a hint of American roots music energy.

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